Bawla & Bawla Certified Public Accountants, P.C.

Bawla & Bawla CPA, P.C .is staffed with highly skilled professionals trained to meet specific client and industry needs.

Bawla & Bawla CPA, P.C. provides Personal and Business Consulting Services.

We are a full service traditional accounting and consulting firm providing the expected services combined with today's E world communications and data services, as well as offering financial advisory service.

Personalized, professional and insightful guidance provided to clients from business acumen gained through years of experience and technical training.

In partnering with our clients, we believe the personalized attention and sharing of ideas will enhance the opportunity for business success and personal financial security.

Our approach to client services requires us to gain an understanding of every client's circumstances, both business and personal.

Knowledge of your business and the industry is essential to the advisory role we perform.

Through continuing professional education, we stay abreast of new legislation, financial standards and pronouncement, tax-saving strategies and client support while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, commitment, mutual respect and integrity.

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